22 March 2020

Three tournaments forced to delay their championships

We know by now that the main competitions for Europe and South America is going to be postponed. This Tuesday the two confederations finally confirmed it that the EURO and Copa America are going to have new names: both are going to be labeled as 2021 (and probably start and end with the same dates as well). Instead of 12, 11 June until 11 July is the new schedule, although this was not officially certified from the European football association.
All this means that one other tournament will expiate, because of the forceful move for the two competitions who were brought forward of 12 months. Because in the summer of 2021 it is impossible to play, the completely destroyed Club World Cup in its new format will debut either in 2022 or 2023.
So, as it stands, next year we will happen to know even four continental champions (if something awful will not be happening until then...like the current crisis): in the beginning Africa Cup of Nations is going to entertain us, while on the middle, three more champions are going to be known - the above mentioned two events plus the Gold Cup competition.


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