26 March 2020

Japanese leagues without relegation

In order to salvage the current championship, six days ago the Japanese football leaders presented an interesting idea which was accepted by unanimous decision (every 56 clubs). Just for this season there will be no relegation in all three divisions at the country. Further more, two clubs are going to be promoted from third to second, and another two from second to first league based on their performance when the 2020 season resumes. But starting from 2021 four clubs will drop from the first to second division. In the beginning there were 'fears' that championships would last beyond the Olympic games and that some footballers are going to be missing from their clubs, but because this event was officially cancelled yesterday, now all of them will be available to participate.
Only one round was played in February, where soon after all football activities were suspended due to the infection which is still spreading all over the world. The delay is until 03 April where the league leaders are hoping to continue with games after this date.


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