24 March 2020

Solidarity among people when it most matters

It is always nice to see how countries are helping other nations in these difficult times, who are thousands of kilometers away, have nothing in common plus religion, race and nationality is not important - as we (people) are all one. Cuba (sending help for the first time), People's Republic of China, Russia and United Arab Emirates are just some of them, where they are sending either their medical equipment or health workers to the most affected virus areas in Europe. And from last week in this fight with the invisible enemy are joining plenty of players, clubs and even one football organization who are doing the same.
The Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski together with his wife donated 1 million euros against the battle, while his teammates Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich started a campaign on social media before two days ago and already gathered more than 2.5 million euros (and rising). For San Raffaele hospital in Milan Romelu Lukaku gave 100.000 euros, and to Tuscany hospital went 50.000 donated by Franck Ribery. Montenegro players Stevan Jovetic sent 50.000 euros to his country, Stefan Savic and Luka Djordjevic contributed with three respirators worth around 60.000 euros, and the football association provided its hospitals with seven respirator machines which is nearly 150.000 euros. When clubs are concerned, the two greatest Manchester rivals: city and united equally gave away 50.000 pounds (or in total 108.776 euros) to the food banks, whilst Chelsea gave its hotel Millennium to the tired doctors to have at least some rest from work. At the end there are two world affiliations: the health organization received in its fund received 9.1 million euros from the football association. However, this list will surely continue in the following days, weeks, months...


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