21 March 2020

Inappropriate words from a top official

Most of us have probably heard the saying: think twice before you act (or in the following case say something stupid). Eight days ago one top official has practically cemented his own job position for good, by using disgraceful and sexist comments.
The football president of United States of America said that the women team 'have less ability than men', 'deserved to be paid less' and that they lack 'certain physical attributes, such as speed and strength' if they oppose each other in the terrain. After these discriminatory phrases and feeling pressure from everyone together with sponsors, Carlos Cordeiro left his post immediately diminishing the women success in this sport.
However, the reality is quite the opposite: while the men team did not won anything (on a global level) nor qualified for the World Cup 2018, their female colleagues were victorious in the World Cup events four times, are owners of five Olympic gold medals plus had more revenues in tickets sales from 2016 until 2018.


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