15 January 2018

Lionel Messi can go free, if...

Unusual article wrote Spanish daily newspaper 'El Mundo'. It is about one of the best footballers nowadays and a northeast region in the country that (more than anything) wants to be independent.
Everyone knows that the word 'if' can exist in every contract, but if this is INDEED a valid story then Barcelona might loose their main star. Ten days ago one of the largest newspaper on the Iberian peninsula wrote that Lionel Messi will be a free player if Catalonia is going to be an independent state. With this 'little matter' in the contract the Argentine wizard can choose to stay or play for any other club. Currently he is receiving 27 million euros per season, just for his recent signature (25.11.2017) the striker got a bonus of 90 million, while buyout clause is 700 million euros.
Thus this have to be accepted as reserve news as we can not see the final deal. Whether the above report is true or not, it can only be confirmed from the signee himself.


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