01 February 2018

Ticket madness

We have reached the last day in January, and that means the second phase of World Cup tickets sales is now closed. Since 05 December 2017 the applications for that 'golden piece of paper' have reached nearly 5 million or exact number 4.905.169 demands. At this second part, purchasing tickets for the summer event is more interested the host country who collects 51 percent against demands from international fans which makes 49 percent. Translating this into figures, an online applications have made 2.503.957 Russian fans, while 'the rest of the world' top 10 looks like this: Germany 338.414 demands, Argentina 186.005, Mexico 154.611, Brazil 140.848, Poland 128.736, Spain 110.649, Peru 100.256, Colombia 87.786, United States of America 87.052, Netherlands 71.096 demands. After the first stage FIFA have announced that was sold 'only' 742.760 tickets.
For those who will be left out on the second part there is a third. But the next stage will be slightly different from the first two: tickets are going to be bought in real time starting from 13 March. This means that anyone who wants to attend this greatest sports competition on earth has to be quick.


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