26 February 2018

One same club is punished for two cases

Anderlecht made a serious violation for tickets against Bayern Munich, when they met in the group stages of Champions league 22 November 2017. Tickets from 70, the home team has raised the price for the away supporters to 100 euros. Due to this increase many of them did not travel to see the match. The European football organization have announced that it will punish Anderlecht on 02 February, however it was delayed again and the penalty was issued last Monday. Belgian champions was ordered to pay the difference (30 euros) to all German fans who were present on Constant van den Stock stadium that night.
Over at the Europa league where one club is going to be punished twice for two different duels. Here Crvena Zvezda is the guilty team, where in the first case have to give away 56.000 euros, but also will receive a certain amount. The disputable match is against Koln played for group stages 07 December 2017, where both supporters threw fireworks and various objects on the pitch. However, visiting fans did go one step further, when they caused damage in the stadium. Due to poor organization for this duel the home club need to close sections of their venue for their next European match, while the visitors have to contact their opponents to pay for the damages. In a most recent match against CSKA Moscow the Serbian club is penalized again. Their supporters threw fireworks and were blocking their own stadium by sitting on the ground. Also, visitors will pay the price as well for fireworks and objects throwing from their fans. Final verdict for this case is going to be known next month.


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