08 February 2018

Greedy league

In order to compete with the other European leagues, Italian Serie A began to dictate a very high price for selling domestic television rights 2018 - 2021 period. Local platforms, Sky and Mediaset were immediately rejected when they wanted to sign a contract at the end of January by offering 'only' 830 million euros. After that the league has set a minimum price of 1.05 billion euros (exact number: and decided to wait a little bit longer. As no one can get these rights below this amount two days ago, a third party jumped in who offered a round figure: Spanish television platform MediaPro gave a new number which made everyone happy - euros and with that became an exclusive owner in Italy. Now rumors are spreading that this multimedia group will open a new television channel on the market (in partnership with someone).
Nevertheless, the first two mentioned local broadcasters thinks that this is way too much for one season.


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