04 May 2024

Qualifying matches to be formed with additional purpose

In less than 3 years time the Asian Cup number 19 is going to be staged in Saudi Arabia, but before we jump to 2027 plenty of elimination games have to be played for this competition.
An ongoing one is taking place with another event, however, when it will be alone, some teams from now have to be connected. We are currently in the second qualifying round and when it finishes the separation from the joint competition (World Cup qualifiers) will get underway. An own elimination duels basically starts from the play-off phase, with six teams who have to torture themselves additionally in 180 minutes (or more). This sextet are the lowest ranked losing teams from round 1. Divided on 2 bowls it all look like this:

Pot 1: Cambodia, Macau, Mongolia.

Pot 2: Brunei, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka.

Everything will be known at the draw ceremony on Thursday, 09 May from 15.00 local time or 09.00 CEt when 3 matches are going to appear. On 05 September is scheduled to be the first leg, while the decision is going to be known five nights later.
Whoever wins in these 3 pairs would have the privilege to compete together with Bhutan, Maldives and Laos (who are the 3 lucky losers that secured its participation from the mentioned phase 1) in the third (and last) qualifying round.


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