02 May 2024

Prices formed for four future finals

From 16 April all prices are known for the last games of the next four club tournaments. Depending on the size of stadia where the final will be played a certain amount are going to be on sale where a lottery would decide the applicant while the remaining would distribute on member national associations, commercial partners, broadcasters and the European football organization. Tickets for spectators are going to be delivered through the Mobile tickets application. Persons with disabilities can also be present at the arenas who together with a companion tickets are offered with the Fans first category. In continuation, the prices for the last games of the four competitions (who are all beginning at 21.00 CEt) are:

Europa league. Republic of Ireland would welcome the last 2 clubs at Dublin arena (Aviva stadium) on Wednesday 22 May. For general public on sale is 36,000 tickets out of 48,000 in total, 12,000 are dedicated for each finalist, while every successful applicant can posses 4 tickets. Reserved tickets for spectators of teams is 40 euros, category 1 cost 150, 2 is 100 euros, while in category 3 can be purchased for 65 euros.

Conference league. Seven nights later it starts the final at AEK venue, Athens, Greece in this competition. Out of 27,100 tickets, for the wide public is available 21,000 for purchase. Nine thousand tickets have been assigned to each club, while every applicant who is picked can bought of up to 4 tickets. Fans first (who is reserved for fans of the clubs) cost 25 euros, category 1 is 125, second category is 85, price for category 3 is 45 euros.

Champions league. Wembley arena in London, England on Saturday, 01 June awaits the 2 finalists. General public can bought 60,000 out of total 86,600 tickets, and each club will receive 25,000 entry papers. Up to 2 tickets can get every victorious applicant. Fans first (reserved for spectators of the clubs) is valued at 60 pounds (70 euros), price for first category is 610 pounds (714 euros), tickets for category 2 cost 430 pounds (503 euros), whilst 3 is in sale of 160 pounds (187 euros).

Super Cup. On Wednesday, 14 August the winners between the second and third competition are going to meet each other at Pge narodowy stadium (National arena) in Warsaw, Poland to officially mark the start of 2024-25 season. Entry papers for this game are 48,000 out of the total 56,400 while every lucky contestant can get of up to 4 tickets. Category 3 tickets are at 30 euros, second category cost 80, and 1 is 130 euros.


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