24 May 2018

Abnormal prices

Less than 72 hours to go for the final game between Real Madrid and Liverpool at the Champions league, and those who did not purchase their ticket on time may watch this game live on television...unless they want to give a huge sum for one single piece of paper. 
On the black market tickets rose up to 20 times or more than the original price. Spectators, who do not have an entry pass and are strongly determined to attend the NSC Olimpiyskiy stadium in Kyiv, will have to give more than 15.000 euros from 'only' 300 euros. The 'neutral' (those fans who do not belong to any team) tickets are re-selling from 250 to 1.500 euros. But the worse example are the category 4 tickets for the English fans where prices have jumped from 70 to 1.525 euros or more, while cheapest paper for their rivals are 468 euros.
Obviously, the European football organization do not care at all about the loyal fans, who whole season have cheered their club, being at every match, but for the final they are going to be 'cruely rejected', and also by giving the rights to host this closing duel in September 2016 to a country (Ukraine) which have poor infrastructure, pumped-up prices in hotels that are not enough in the capital...


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