29 May 2018

'He is definitely guilty'

Everybody saw the disappointing moment when Mohamed Salah had to be substituted due to an injury three nights ago. At the closing game in the Champions league, the Liverpool striker was replaced and he left the Kyiv pitch in tears and of course immediately there were questions raised of whether the idol and hero of Egypt will participate in the World Cup which is starting next month. Some reports are saying that the 25 year old is not going to recover in time, while some are still confident that he will be there.
If the first option happens, than the main culprit is going to be only on one man: Sergio Ramos. Even three days after that final this incident is never going away, thus so far 400.000 people (and rising) are on the side of the Egyptian, who majority wants to strictly punish the captain of Real Madrid. After the match, '#Ramostheanimal' is one of the most popular tweets and almost every supporter, who thinks that the tacle was on purpose, wants FIFA to intervene in this case and to punish the Spaniard. As most Egyptians do not want to wait that long for the world football organization to interfere, today one local lawyer is suing Sergio Ramos for 1 billion euros in compensation.
Of course that everyone wants to happen the second scenario in which the player himself believes that will be ready for the big football event. 'My heartfelt wish for the Egyptian hero Mohamed Salah to recover from his injury, and I hope he will return to the field soon' are the words of encouragement who yesterday on social media wrote the president of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sissi. Together with all those supporters on social media, we too want to wish Mohamed Salah well, to fully recover and be the best player in Russia from June.


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