26 May 2018

Unwanted tickets

First, tickets has increased at very high prices on the black market (with the European football organization said that it will block those entries away), and then on Thursday it was announced that one club is not going to have support for certain ammount of loyal fans.
For the closing duel of Champions league between Real Madrid and Liverpool this Saturday night, the 'home' team revealed that 1.000 tickets have been returned back to UEFA. Spanish giants revealed that 24.268 club members have applied for 17.000 tickets, however after receiving their tickets were sent back to the club. Main problem for fans is the travelling cost and not enough accomodation in the capital. It looks like 'leaders of the mother association' found a quick 'solution': offering these papers to local citizens.
The damage has already been done 2 years ago and after the fiasco of awarding Kyiv with the final, critics keeps coming at the address of the European football organization. 'They just do not have the airport infrastructure and the hotel capacity to cope with an event of this size and there is not another major city within real hitting distance of it.', is the latest attacking comment from chief executive of Liverpool Peter Moore.