20 May 2018

Two finalists face disciplinary actions

In some case the European football organization need more than a month to punish only one man (Gianluigi Buffon in Champions league), while in some case 24 hours is enough to determine the guilty party. Even aliens from far deep space (if they exist), together with television viewers, clearly saw how at the Europa league closing game on Wednesday night in Lyon had plenty of fireworks and firecrackers: on and off the pitch. Thus, the only question is who will get punished: Olympique Marseille, Atletico Madrid or the organizers itself, but because the third option is never mentioned on the list (we often wonder why is like that), the burden falls on only two clubs.
Because they were literally begging to be punished, now both of them are awaiting fines due to the number of smokes their spectators have caused by. In addition to that, the home team is accused because players came very late on the pitch for start of the second half, and the title winner is charged with 'racist behavior' as their fans displayed an discriminatory banner.
So, these two finalists are going to wait until the last day of May to learn about their fate, i.e. how much they must pay.


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