25 May 2018

Original collection with stickers

Every football enthusiast wants to gather all players in an album, and we (football lovers) will not stop until all empty boxes are filled. Plenty of us remembers (and some are still doing it), how we exchange stickers with others and have duplicates. With the advance of technology some wants to do it in digital form (through the FIFA website). However, there is another and original way: without having two or more identical pictures, all footballers are at one place at once and with no needed exchanges.
This creativity comes from Germany as the world champions are preparing in full swing to defend its title. In the honour of the players to protect and bring home the World Cup from Russia for the fifth time, last week media has shown a picture where workers are decorating its own (German) association building with a giant poster revealing all participants at the team. Not all (final 23) footballers are known for the event in the moment plus it is a lot easier to replace the blanks at anytime...


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