03 April 2023

Membership taken away due to stupidity

In various parts of Europe two very smart spectators have learned what are their punishment after doing some idiotic stuff.
During the PSV - Sevilla game at Europa league that was played on 23 February, one 20-year-old boxer run onto the stadium and hit the visiting goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic in the face. For this bravery the Dutch court awarded him jail term of three months. But what is worst for the young hooligan is that he cannot get closer the Philips stadium for two years, nor entering the same arena in the next 40 years. On top of the cake, the home club has already begun to seek damages for the incident.
Travelling over to Spain where a 20-year-old Mallorca fan has lost his membership card on three years, and this was done in a matter of seconds. On two separate games that were played against his club (Real Madrid and Villarreal) he shouted abuse words towards Vinicius de Oliveira junior and Samuel Chukwueze, and the club security personnel has helped a lot to identify this hooligan. Commission against violence and racism has suggested an additional penalty for this extremely clever young man which is one year ban from entering all stadia plus 4.000 euros fine.


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