15 April 2023

Winners have collected the most

The champions of all three European club international competitions for 2021-22 season have earned more money than any other club.
Last season the Conference league started its debut appearance as third event in significance. And the first winner Roma received 19.2 million euros.
Going one tournament higher where Eintracht Frankfurt was the successful team of Europa league. With 38 million euros the Germans have earned it more throughout the whole season.
Real Madrid is the current defender of the trophy for Champions league. In financial meaning the club has collected 133.7 million euros, followed by 120 million of the losing finalist (Liverpool), while in third place was Bayern with 110 million euros. Here, for the champion includes the basic money for entering the group phase and various bonuses (based on results, televised broadcasting rights and other). Just for comparison: Sheriff that competed in the fall group games from this event (and later got transferred to the knockout stage of Europa league) in total were paid the smallest amount of 23.7 million euros. The thirty two clubs of the group stages have shared an average of 61.8 million euros.
All the above numbers were released last Wednesday by the European football organization.


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