01 April 2023

Eighteen exciting rounds ahead starting from this fall

Nine days ago the whole layout got officially confirmed of how elimination journey will look like of the South American confederation for the World Cup tournament of 2026.
For exactly two years (from September 2023 until September 2025) the famous 10 teams of the continent are going to play the same format that is known from the previous qualifying editions. Each of them will be situated in a single group playing two times (rounds) or by nine matches at home and as guests. Under the new rule and because the finals are going to be in an extended version beginning from 2026 this region will be represented with six teams.
The real trick here is that there will be no draw (like it was performed way before the qualifying tournament of the previous World Cup edition) to determine which team would earn the position number, but instead the already accepted system is going to be the same as in Qatar 2022.
On their website you can find the kick off schedule dated from 22 March.


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