26 April 2023

Lying in court (just to protect his marriage)

At first the accused said that he never knew the girl, that he only wanted to help her... so that at the end the victim was raped in the bathroom of a nightclub in Barcelona. That is exactly what happened on the night of 30 December 2022, but now with a little bit different scenario because from last Monday the first sentence suddenly got changed.
While on holiday (who turned out to be a nightmare) and soon after this very wild party Daniel Alves got arrested and from then on he is spending the nights in jail of the mentioned city. Many times was denied to leave on bail and with right reasons as the first testimony nowadays looks like this: the defender has admitted that he had consensual sex with the girl in the first place. All this lie was deliberately said so that his wife would not find out about his infidelity with the 23-year-old woman.


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