25 April 2023

Winning clubs could get more incentive

For its two international club competitions at the group phase, in 2023 the South American organization is rewarding those clubs who really fight on the terrain, take risks and make memorable matches in order to win, no matter if it is at home or playing as visitors.
In Copa Libertadores this year the victory club can win an additional 272.848 euros. During the whole season, the affiliation will distribute 273.7 million, which is an increase of 51.8 million euros from 2022 or a boost of 21 per cent.
Copa Sudamericana would give 90.949 euros more for those who wants to earn three points. Just for comparison from last year it is a rise of 16.2 million euros, from a total of 70.8 million euros that would circulate in the event or 30 per cent increase from previous edition.
The above figures / incentives were presented last Monday from the organization who urge each club to play attacking (exciting) football so that spectators can watch interesting matches without (any) boring duels.


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