28 February 2024

Without transferring into lower leagues

The European football organization has thoroughly clarified the big changes that are going to experience its three international leagues, and this was already briefly mentioned at 19 April 2021. Mostly explaining about Champions league the new format would be applied from 2024-25 season.
Starting from this year (after the qualifying duels are finished), the group phase will be totally abandoned. Instead 8 groups of 4, 36 teams are going to enter into a single table format. Because so far (until last December) 32 were competing, 4 new teams would participate from September onwards. The old format has allowed one club to play three opponents twice, but from now on one have to entertain eight different clubs (which means that the number of duels would be increased). Half of those matches would be staged on home and away basis.
Concerning the knockout phase: at the end of the main phase clubs that occupy from spot 01 to 08 will go directly into last 16, 16 clubs from 09 until position 24 will have to torment themselves a little bit more and participate in a play-off or otherwise known as phase of 32, those unfortunate teams from 25 to place 36 would say goodbye to the competition for the current year without the possibility of being transferred to Europa league (which until now was the case), while the rest of elimination stages are not going to be touched.
For the next two leagues (Europa and Conference) this same system of play is going to come into force as well.
All the months (where also one exclusive week nights awaits for us) where every phase would be played ; who, how and from where will the new quartet of clubs be presented you can read at their website from 05 February.


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