06 February 2024

Records were announced during an ongoing competition

The Asian Cup 2023 (2024) has not yet finished, and since its start last month records were already broken at different levels.

- Yoshimi Yamashita became the first female referee that has appeared on Australia - India at the second game of the competition on schedule.
- News about 60 broadcasters which are covering this event in over 160 countries around the world is really impressive.
- In the opening match was present 82.490 spectators making Qatar - Lebanon to broke previous record of 40.000 when People's Republic of China and Bahrain met at a first game in the Asian Cup 2004.
- A complete debut of the event made the Semi-automated offside technology for detection irregularities at each game.
- In the eighteenth edition Kwan Chan gave goal number 1.000, and this came when Hong Kong have equalized against United Arab Emirates in the forty ninth minute.
- Football lovers throughout the globe has exceed the 1.5 billion mark at all digital platforms of the confederation in just 10 days beating the previous record of 836 million from the 2019 event.
- When Qatar played with Palestine in the first knockout phase, the all-time attendance has reached 1.06 million surpassing 1.04 million from the same competition in 2004.
- Media partners have experienced a really high television audience on its market mainly in South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, who for the first time has made the elimination round.


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