13 February 2024

Plenty of numbers from the first two finished tournaments

In 2024 out of 4 team competitions that are scheduled to be played the first 2 has just finished, while the rest are going yet to start this summer. These future tournaments will not overlap with one another (because of the big time difference with each other), however that was not the case for the completed ones (kick-off and dates have been almost simultaneously) where the following results were made:

Asian Cup 2023 (2024):
Goals, in stoppages and balls that was rolled into its own nets.
- On edition number 18 we saw 131 goals in normal time or 2.57 per match: in the first half we saw 57 of them, while 74 was given in continuation. However, if we add 1 more which was given in 30 additional minutes, then the players have rolled the ball 132 times which makes 2.59 goals per match.
- Seven were given after the stoppage of the first half where Iraq have scored most from the others: 2. From minute 90 and until the final whistle players gave unbelievably 21 goals. In three different duels South Korea gave 3 goals, out of which 2 were penalties. Also in second stoppage time 4 more teams gave 2 goals: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan and Iraq. Six punishments were converted in this half, and 1 own goal was given as well.
- Unbelievable 8 times the ball was rolled into the own nets. Indonesian footballers gave the most gifts in favour to other teams with 2 own goals. Three of them was in the first half, while 5 own goals were given in the second 45 minutes. At a single duel we saw how the ball has rolled twice into its own net.

Punishments, saved and missed plus lottery shoot-outs.
- Men in blue were in the mood to point 20 times to the penalty spot. Nine of them were given in first half, and 11 in the second. Most penalties were given to Qatar - 4 (out of that 3 was in 1 game), followed by 3 from South Korea and Islamic Republic of Iran, and 2 punishments converted United Arab Emirates. Three penalties were saved, while players have missed 2 of them (both happened in second half). In total there was 4 lotteries at the end of each draw at the knockout round.

Two cards of the same colour and direct reds.
- Players from three teams have received 2 yellow cards out of four times in total. Vietnam was an absolute recorder here by getting it twice on 2 different games, and all 4 second yellow cards were issued in second half.
- Even more nasty fouls for direct red cards were given to 7 footballers: with 2 in the first 45 minutes and 4 issued in the second half. Kyrgyzstan hold the record here by receiving 2 direct ones.

African Cup of nations 2023 (2024):
Goals, stoppage time goals and own ones.
- In the neighbouring continent we had 44 goals in the opening half and 74 in the second which give a total number of 118 or 2.27 per game. Because 1 of them was scored in extra time in that case per match we saw 2.29 goals.
- Four of them was in the first stoppage time, and one of that was from 11 metres. After the ninetieth minute and until the end the ball was into the net 14 times, where Mozambique, Egypt and Cape Verde have scored more than others: twice.
- Balls that was rolled into its own net was 4 or 3 in the first half and the rest was in the second.

Penalties, saved and missed plus lotteries.
- Seventeen punishments were scored or 4 in the opening half and 13 in continuation. Furthermore, 3 of them got converted after minute 90 and 1 was scored in the first stoppage. Burkina Faso was the most luckiest team who had 3 penalties, followed by 2 from: Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana.
- There was 1 saved and 4 missed punishments, where 3 of them was in the first and the rest was given in the second half.
- Five lotteries were conducted after the equal results at the knockout rounds.

Naughty boys.
- Referees gave 2 yellow cards at 6 players. Three of them were issued in the first 45 minutes plus we saw 1 more at second half, first extra time and second extra time. Direct red cards was also 6.


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