17 February 2024

Revealed layout from a future event

At 04 February the organizers of the next World Cup have shared a valuable information about which stadia will be used for the 2026 edition. Knowing that the schedule (which can be downloadable) is already known, from that point of view the only one that is missing are the participating teams.
For the first time: three countries are going to host the event, 48 teams are going to entertain us instead of 32, and massive 104 duels would be played compared with the last 7 tournaments where were "only" 64. All that is going to happen from 11 June to 19 July, and that is translated to 38 nights or 34 that players are going to be on active duty together with 4 nights of rest. On top of that we have to manage to remember 12 groups.
Three towns in Mexico, three in Canada and eleven in the United states of America will be proud hosts of the competition. Estadio Azteca situated in the first written country is designated to open this party. On this famous stadium the 1970 and 1986 tournaments from this category were also opened and closed as well. During the games, spectators would have to travel back and forth throughout North and Central America, so at the end (one month and eight nights later) their final stop will be at the New Jersey arena in New York.


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