09 December 2022

Goalkeeper who made some trouble to a foreign association

During the ethnic cleansing of Serbian people by the Croats at the war in Yugoslavia of 1995 (refugee convoys in Knin), he together with his family was forced to move to a secure place and immigrated to Canada. Twenty seven years later this man has stood up to guard the goal of his new adopted country of the ongoing World Cup.
On 27 November, now the 35-year-old Milan Borjan was on the list as number one of Croatia - Canada game. But a bunch of idiots from the 'home' supporters (who obviously did not forget his past) insulted him, have spread inappropriate banners, and because all the weight falls on the association they had to deliver 50.000 Swiss francs (50.640 euros) to the world football organization.
Yesterday were also punished two teams. With 30.000 Swiss francs (30.384 euros) was fined Saudi Arabia as the behaviour of its fans was not suitable to games like these (against Mexico and Argentina), while the cashbox of the Serbian football association was eased by 20.000 Swiss francs (20.256 euros) because of unsuitable flag that was found in their locker room.


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