22 December 2022

Prize money for title winners

In the recently finished World Cup it was revealed how much the world champions have earned and how many spectators visited the event.
Besides the trophy, the new winners have earned 38.9 million euros. The overall fund of the whole competition was 406.7 million. Just in comparison: the losing rivals from this year has received 30.6 million euros as champions at 2018.
On Monday the world football organization announced that 3.404.252 spectators were present at stadia which it was the third attendance in the history of these tournaments where 3.429.873 people were at 2014, and in 1994 has gathered 3.587.538 fans. For 2022 the average capacity of all stadia was filled by 96.3 percent. Lusail arena have reached its maximum capacity on the final game with 88.966 spectators.


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