05 December 2022

Every quarterfinal duel played

Until the end of next weekend we will find out which teams have qualified for the semi finals of the World Cup. But for that to happen four more pairs have to be staged of the last 16 phase, and between this round and last 8, the first break of the event is going to occur.

Remaining part of last 16
05 December, Monday at 16.00 CET: Japan - Croatia.
05 December, Monday at 20.00 CET: Brazil - South Korea.

06 December, Tuesday at 16.00 CET: Morocco - Spain.
06 December, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Portugal - Switzerland.

Last 8
09 December, Friday at 16.00 CET: Japan or Croatia - Brazil or South Korea.
09 December, Friday at 20.00 CET: Netherlands - Argentina.

10 December, Saturday at 16.00 CET: Morocco or Spain - Portugal or Switzerland.
10 December, Saturday at 20.00 CET: England - France.


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