12 December 2022

Four matches until the end

Sadly, exciting tournaments like these sometimes has to come to its completion (cannot be played for whole eternity), but one small happy news from all this emerges: in the third month of next year the qualifying journey starts again for the next edition of the World Cup 2026.
Until then four duels have remained to be staged from the ongoing event. In contention for the trophy are left two European teams who their opponents are one each from Africa and South America. The champion is still in play, and will it defend its title we have to wait and see next weekend.

13 December, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Argentina - Croatia.

14 December, Wednesday at 20.00 CET: France - Morocco.

Classification for third / fourth place
17 December, Saturday at 16.00 CET: the two losers from semifinals.

Game for the title
18 December, Sunday at 16.00 CET: winners from the last 4 will contest in the big final.


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