23 December 2022

A little bit forgotten competition suddenly got a date

Once this tournament started as last of every current year, but after the pandemic period it was forcefully transferred beginning as first competition of the following year. For months this event was neglected, no one mention it, until recently.
Last Friday the Club World Cup event has been confirmed by the president of the world football organization just 47 nights prior to the start. The 2022 (2023) competition is going to commence in Morocco from 01 to 11 February. At the moment details are not available of which towns and stadia would welcome the teams. Each of the six club continental champions were decided [Wydad (Africa), Al Hilal (Asia), Real Madrid (Europe), Seattle sounders (North America with Caribbean), Auckland city (Oceania), Flamengo (South America)], thus the only missing one is the host team. This would be the third time that the famous seven will compete on the African continent (as the same country organized it previously at 2013 and 2014).
For penultimate time this event is going to be staged like before, so in 2024 we should expect the tournament would be the last with 7 representatives. Beginning from June 2025, 32 teams would compete thus about that mystery would be known much much later because it is still unclear from where the clubs will come from nor the format of play was not very well presented.


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