08 May 2020

More nations appeared who do not want to risk playing

While most countries are planning to continue finishing its leagues for this season in the following months, some have said enough is enough for this year not taking the risk of possible new infectees from the virus that is still terrorizing the world.
France is the third nation in Europe that completely suspends its championship. Of the economic point of view, losses will be enormous for the cancellation, but on the other hand saving lives is top priority. Sports competitions in the country has been banned until September, and therefore seven days ago PSG has been announced as winners this season. Because they were fooling around during the early 2019 plays, Olympique lyonnais have revealed that will sue the league seeking big financial compensation. Threatening with the lawsuit is just dereliction of duties, which hurts them even more by knowing that the club is going to be absent from the international European leagues next season after 23 years.
Yesterday Portugal have said that only the second league will be stopped. The government has announced that games would be possible to be played just in the first division, and thus Nacional and Farense are going to be promoted there from 2020-21 season.
Nine days ago over in South America Argentina is the first who abandoned its league this year. Until 2022 clubs will remain on the first division status before the cancellation happened, and if time permits new tournament will start in January 2021. Current standings are going to determine which teams will represent the country in Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana events.


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