02 May 2020

Restart with football activities

As the virus has been put under control, South Korea will surely become the first Asian country that is going to resume with its championship that was scheduled to begin on 29 February. Last Friday it was announced that K league 1 and 2 are going to commence seven days from now (08 May) without spectators. For the leagues to be successful after surviving the epidemic period new measures will apply to the continuation following strict rules: coaches and club officials must wear masks ; players cannot talk to each other, opponents or referees during plays ; and if footballers or team officials is going to be infected, then the whole club will be removed from the pitch for at least two weeks.
Out of economic point of view, the football association have signed lucrative deals. Yesterday WSC sports was introduced as a partner, where the Israeli-based company is using artificial intelligence video production, distribution platform plus creating short videos in real time so that viewers can enjoy the game. Adding to this is sealing agreements with 10 foreign nations, whereat four days ago it was revealed that live / delay duels are going to be watched in United States of America, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, together with digital platforms in Netherlands, United Kingdom and Singapore.


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