24 May 2020

Without bad habits while playing

Last Thursday the South American confederation have issued special set of measures in order to protect the health of all participants on the pitch when Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana are going to resume with its plays. Because of the virus pandemic these two events were forcibly stopped (as any other), and no one knows the exact date of when it will be back.
However, when it does, players have to abandon the old bad habits they did before the break and comply to the new rules: spitting and blowing their noses on the pitch, together with kissing the ball prior, during and after matches is going to be strictly forbidden. Exchanging shirts between each other, opposing footballers and giving it to the fans is also prohibited ; whilst reserve players and staff have to wear masks, as well as all participants in the press conference room has to do the same.
Before the games temperatures will be checked on each footballer and referees ; 'medical register' is going to be created, where all tests are going to be followed, players who are refusing to be tested will not be allowed to participate, while those clubs which are not going to take part in the tests will be punished.


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