17 May 2020

Gruesome murder

Last Monday Cehver Toktas confessed to the police a crime which he committed due to lack of love as the main reason given. Everybody thought that the victim died of complications of the disease until the player revealed the true, dark side of the story.
Eleven days earlier, on 23 April, his 5-year-old son Kasim was brought in the hospital because he tested positive on the virus. The boy was moved to intensive care unit where couple of hours later he passed away while his father was in the room. During that time the 32-year-old midfielder suffocated the poor kid with a pillow over his head pressing it for 15 minutes.
Since then the body have been exhumed for investigation, the trial has not yet been set, but if found guilty the Bursa yildirimspor footballer could get a lifetime sentence in prison.


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