05 May 2020

Difficult decision time

On 28 April the European football organization sent to all 55 member nations a difficult task where they have to decide whether or not their championships are going to be resumed. From now (which is impossible to tell) they wants to know when the leagues are going to restart with an exact date and of which format are going to be finished. Certainly, this is not a suitable answer which has to be given, especially in these insecure epidemic times, where each of one have to be in there until 25 May.
The most easiest decision is to suspend a league, loosing millions of euros in the process and most importantly saving lives (which is considering as a big big plus) ; while the hardest will be playing until the end, risking lives of all participants on the pitch plus playing on empty stadia (which is an enormous minus for this sport). In general, the affiliation is rushing each country to present their teams for both international league events for next season based on competing and not on premature ending.


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