18 May 2020

Funny way of expressing for continuation playing...'seriously now'

Some clubs are behaving like small kids not taking the decision seriously when officials are saying enough is enough. They do not want to put health as a priority, but instead want to play and risk even when the virus is still threatening.
While in the first part of the championship the team was fooling around, now Amiens suddenly wants to play football. As are being relegated to division two, the club has thought an 'original' idea where is going one step further: after an online petition, filing a lawsuit against the football leaders, and finally - this Tuesday in the French sports newspaper L'Equipe, they put an advertisement on the whole page demanding to annul the decision against termination of the league so that everyone in the country could read (their empty words) just because 'eagerly' want to carry on with the games. Adding to this misery are the words from the mayor of the same town saying that will loose on attractiveness, plus are going to experience economic consequences (probably for the worst) if the entire thing is not transformed in their favor.
The only thing missing from this story is...crying at the end.


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