24 December 2023

Numbers from a competition that was just completed

The Club World Cup 2023 finished yesterday night, and now when all numbers are known they are going to be presented in the following lines.
In 7 duels 23 goals were scored or 3.29 per match. Nine of those was given in the first 45 minutes, and the remaining 14 in continuation. Highest number of goals that clubs gave in each halves was 3. Three targets were scored in stoppage time by 3 different clubs: 1 in the first half and 2 in the second. Players from Urawa red diamonds were very generous towards their opponents where they gifted them with 2 own goals (Manchester city and Al Ahly were very joyful to accept them).
Referees gave in total 5 penalties out of which 3 of them were scored, while 2 were beautifully saved. Al Ahly have had 2 punishments against various rivals: the first was converted a into goal in the first half, whilst the second penalty was saved in the second 45 minutes. The "men in blue" also gave 2 red cards: 2 yellow on 1 occasion plus a direct one and both of them have been issued in the second half.
The format of 6 (continental champions) plus 1 (host) was played for the very last time where, sadly, this competition is going to be completely destroyed before returning it at 2025 in expanded version. And the other 25 clubs would have to appear from 'somewhere'. The right question is from where they will come.


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