06 December 2023

An only nominee means automatically winning the hospitality

On 31 October has expired the deadline for interested parties to host the World Cup competition in 2034. Because Australia has pulled out of the race in the last minute, they practically did a favour to another fellow association and only candidate Saudi Arabia to stage the show in 11 years time on their soil. The official decision and confirmation would be made next year. It means that after 2022 the biggest sports event in the world is going to be back playing it in Asia, but for the first time with 48 teams.
Because highest temperatures is causing problems in Middle East on summer, the biggest country in the region claims that it will not be moved to winter season like last year and should be organized as scheduled. That can be done with the help of new technologies in terms to cool down the air and everyone feeling comfortable on stadia. For the time being they have no intention of finding a partner to co-host this tournament together with a neighbouring nation.


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