25 January 2023

Although he pulled a scam got hired at the end

Last year one ex national player was charged after fooling his own country, had to spend some time behind bars, but instead he was employed.
Between 2014 and 2019 the former striker John Carew has forgot to declare 12.8 million krone (1.3 million euros). At 16 November 2022 the Norwegian tax officials won the battle against the 43-year-old when the local court ordered him to return 537.268 krone (51.903 euros). Despite the money loss the striker had to spend 14 months in prison as well, however after the conviction came the surprise when no one expected.
Two months later he was contacted by the Norwegian football federation where they offered him a job. Hoping that the former footballer can work with electronic bracelet, from last Thursday his new role will be to care about youth in this sport. President Lise Klaveness has said that "his skills is going to benefit children and adolescents".


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