24 January 2023

Impressive figures

According to Nielsen, a research that was done for the world football organization shows some magnificent numbers for the World Cup event who completed in 2022.
In a report from 18 January it was announced that around 5 billion people were involved during the biggest sport competition on earth. The real boom comes from social media: of where it had been exploded with posts - 93.6 million on all platforms, 262 billion on cumulative basis and 5.95 billion engagements. Game number 64 (final) has been reached to 1.5 billion viewers worldwide, while everything started with over 550 million people who watched the first duel last November.
Of a total number - 3.4 million fans were registered all together, and this has surpassed the 2018 event when were present 3 million people. And at the end of this remarkable story it finishes of how footballers was in the mood to give us another record: the ball had been 171 times behind goalkeepers in the competitions of 1998 and 2014, while in Qatar 2022 each of us have seen 1 more goal (172 or 168 scored in 90 minutes plus 4 in extra time).


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