04 January 2023

Special reward has just give basis for something else

We know that Argentina are the new world champions at the old 2022. Besides the trophy and promised money for lifting it, the team got an additional 9.2 million euros from the South American confederation. This special reward was promised back in April of last year by Alejandro Dominguez as the 50-year-old was re-elected for the presidential post. In total, this triumph is the tenth World Cup that any South American nation has brought it to the region: apart from 1978 and 1986 from the fresh winners, Uruguay has lifted the title in 1930 together with 1950 plus the five-time champions Brazil at 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.
According to the boss, the latest champions has just give the basis that this competition must return home where it all started (at 1930 in Uruguay), so that at 2030 the continent will celebrate together that this event is staging it on its soil after 100 years. Uruguay and Argentina began the initiative to welcome this tournament in seven years time, later Chile and Paraguay has joined the above duo, while of course (with right) its confederation is giving full support to its member nations. On that who is going to host the best 48 teams of our planet, the world football organization would decide it in 2024.


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