12 January 2023

Change of dates happened because of an important event

The schedule of the Asian version of Champions league has been revised twice, and thus the edition of 2022 is going to be finished in 2023, where in the mean time one serious competition got in the way. What is really strange is: usually this confederation starts and finishes this club tournament in the current year.
Originally the layout was done way before the pandemic period saying that qualifiers are beginning 11 January and had to end with the second leg final on 29 October 2022. In July 2021: March was the commencing elimination period, whilst the finishing was on the same date as the original one, with a small difference - that all four knockout stages (from round of 16 and onwards) would be one match only (which was not the case before).
Finally, on 13 January 2022 the last schedule was made: qualifying beginning was in March 2022, the four knockout phases were returned to two games, but the ending period is now 26 February 2023. An explanation (for this long season) was given because of the World Cup in 2022 that completed in winter time, so the club tournament (like it or not) had to be interrupted. Because of this a minor change happened only in the West region: instead of 03 and 04, now new dates are 19 and 20 February 2023 for the round of 16, while the next three phases (including the final) will be played over two duels.
Games from the East region has finished all the work in August of last year, which means that the finalist (from this part) is resting until next month.


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