22 January 2023

Record punishment issued

On 17 December 2022 the two Melbourne clubs - city and victory played a derby of the A-league round eight. No one knew what was coming next: after just 21 minutes fans from both sides were throwing flares at each other, fighting continued onto the terrain, some people had serious injuries, which immediate was triggered suspension of the match, and of course following these ugly scenes Football Australia has handed harsh penalties even on this month as well.
During the incident the home goalkeeper was hurt together with the main referee and one television cameraman. Treating this like very serious hooliganism the penalties for the visiting supporters are really severe. Just couple of days later the association have punished mostly young people of various ages of 5 until 20 years, and in some cases even removed them from this sport for life - all in total it was identified 17 to date. As for the club is concerned, they are forbidden to sell tickets of the area where it all started, will not receive some allocated entry papers for the away games, there is going to be no support on the away matches as well and are cut to restricted attendance of valid club members only in the home duels. If in the next three years this chaos would be repeated from any of their fans the team will automatically lose 10 points. However, the worst nightmare of all was (also) announced last Tuesday with 450.000 dollars (291.014 euros) which is a record football fine issued in the country.
Following this horror situation, the statement that was issued by the club said that it accepts everything or would not appeal to the punishments.


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