18 January 2023

Expected decision for two cases

Getting the 40 million euros compensation that Shakhtar Donetsk have required from the world football organization will not happen. On the web page of the Court of arbitration for sport from 13 January it is written that the appeal is rejected. From 18 July 2022 this lawsuit was filed, and everything smelled that the victory would not arrive. Presenting of the two sides, everything started five months later (22 December 2022), where also the leader of Ukrainian club was concerned that this battle is already lost, would weaken the team, it is not fair... and prediction of the outcome was announced last Friday as true.
In a separate case and on the same date, something similar have experienced a group of eight Russian clubs. Also in a negative answer for them as well, they have disputed the rules about transfer after Russia is conducting special military operation / invasion on Ukraine. The same organization have changed their own norms saying that foreign footballers that were playing in the country could leave without any fees paid. Same dismissal had come with no legal reasons given.


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