10 January 2023

Very good motivation for future generations

Two days before 2022 has ended passed away one of the greatest footballing mind of all time Edson Arantes do Nascimento (for the wide public was familiar with the nickname Pele). Since then the world has decided to rename (to this date) one public road and arenas in his honour, so that future generations would remember this king and what traces he left for this sport.
In his native Brazil city officials in Rio de Janeiro have immediately voted to give a street to this idol. Parts of the old Radial oeste is now known as Avenida rei Pele (Avenue of king Pele).
After the sad news was spread throughout the globe, the president of the world football organization started an initiative suggesting that each of the 211 member associations would rename at least a football ground or arena after the legend, and very soon the international community have replied positively. On 04 January Cape verde was the first country to respond as Estadio Nacional (National stadium) have become Estadio Pele (Pele stadium). Just one day later Colombia and Guinea-Bissau did the same as the two nations which are kilometers apart have chosen to call their arenas identically: Rey / Rei Pele (King Pele). Villavicencio stadium in the South American state has only added Bello Horizonte before the new name, while Bafata arena is now called otherwise at the West African nation. Governor and minister in each towns have approved the change.


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