03 January 2023

Ready to organize a major tournament number two

Couple of days ago (at the old 2022) began selling tickets for Khaleeji Zain 25 (Gulf Cup number 25) which is going to be held from 06 until 19 January. Since 1979 Iraq for the second time in its history of the event would welcome seven participants on its soil: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen which together with the host are going to entertain themselves for 15 nights. All 15 matches are going to be played in Basra on a completely two new stadia. On social media the association have announced the price of entry papers: depending on the category they will vary on the cost that goes from range of 9.3 to 28 euros.
In decades of devastating conflicts and fragile security, this event represents a major challenge to the authorities, so that the country would like only to show the world that they are ready to organize such tournaments.
This is the second time (from that 1979) that Iraq is staging important competitions like these, as in 2019 this nation has practically debuted in organization of the West Asia football federation championship after so many prohibitions to play international games at home.


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