14 January 2023

Breathtaking stadium

Together with the world football organization, the Asian confederation had join in partnership to build a stadium in the Malaysian city of Putrajaya, just 30 kilometers away from its headquarters. On 17 October 2022 this arena had started constructing with a ceremony held and it would be spread on 62.443 square metres. Besides the remarkable stadium, inside in the area is going to be included: administrative offices, boulevard for spectators, atrium, training facility and an underground carpark. Malaysian Government who is joined with its football association are both providing with the logistical backing. Lots of skepticism and criticism has arise from the local people as questions was raised about the cost, how it would be paid and the size of the arena of whom it will count 10.000 seats.
However, there was no indication when all will be over because the original plan for completion was in 2019.


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