05 January 2023

Working mixed group would decide whether to leave or stay

There were indications until 31 December 2022 that the Russian football union will change one confederation for another only to play this sport when the country was unfairly thrown out last February from participating from every competitions on European soil because of the special military operation / invasion of Ukraine. President of the organization Aleksandr Dyukov have said that because there was no "light at the end of the tunnel" concerning the prohibition for play, and consequently switching towards Asia would be imminent. However, that was not what was expected last Friday.
Just one day before last year has ended it was decided that Russia will still remain at the European football organization. It was specified that working group is going to be formed, where four bodies would be included to discuss on their return: members from Russian football union, European together with world football organization and International Olympic committee. But, the boss did not excluded the option that, if this alternative fails and solution is not found, the threat of leaving will be close enough, and all this would be done only for the country to be part of the qualification process for the World Cup 2026.


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