28 May 2021

Player did unintentional mistake, and then got an unusual punishment

On 17 May Michy Batshuayi has done a small error (that was not intentional), and because of it he got himself into (sweet) trouble. Prematurely the Belgium footballer has put himself on the list for the European championship (which commences in 14 nights time) before the manager (Roberto Martinez) announced it officially at a press conference. Because (nearly) all players wants to share these kind of happy news with the others on their social media accounts, so did the 27-year-old where after writing it, immediately erased the post. Those few seconds were enough to read, by its football association who detected his mistake and have thought of how to penalize his (successful) revealing before time: when the striker joins the team on their first training must do 50 push-ups.


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