08 May 2021

Couple of clubs cannot represent its nation on international level

Since this damn virus came into the world, many clubs have difficulties to adapt to the new situation, whereas the next two teams has another kind of problem, and because it is impossible to stop it, they had to pull out from playing international tournaments.
From the beginning of February the developments in Myanmar do not sound very encouraging at all, and because the state of emergency is still in place, seven days ago Shan united and Hanthawaddy united notified its confederation that they are withdrawing from the two Asian club events. The military coup prevented them to represent its own country who therefore will no longer have teams for the rest of the season.
As both clubs had to commence from different stages, the outcome is the following: the opponent (Melbourne city, Australia) of the first club without fight from the preliminary round now is going to compete at the play-off phase in the Champions league. Rivals from preliminaries that had to play each other [Chanthabouly, Laos (old name Lao Toyota) and Kasuka, Brunei] from the AFC Cup are going directly into the group stage of the competition, because the second mentioned team from above has cancelled its participation (which supposed to begin) at the play-off round.


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