24 May 2021

Beginning of elimination duels

Of the last weekend in this month and into the following 18 days and nights, throughout the world are going to be played many official matches: most of them will be dominated by qualifiers at three regions, together with one tournament that is going to kick-off as finals. Each of the pairs are already known except two: the classification place plus the last game of a debut competition which is going to be introduced here next Sunday.
At schedule first in order are the joint qualifying matches for the World Cup 2022, together with Asian Cup 2023. For the first time (like an experiment) Asia are going to end its second round games in new appearance (due to the well known health situation), as the eight groups are going to be completed at one country. Qualifiers are starting with two duels:

28 May, Friday at 12.20 CET: Japan - Myanmar.

30 May, Sunday at 13.30 CET: Guam - People's Republic of China.


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